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Great food

Julie, 21 Feb 2020

I love Romeos as you can tell from my repeat orders - I have never had 1 delivery that wasn't perfect or delivered without fail within the promised time - Thank you all at Romeos!

Sharon, 19 Feb 2020

Excellent regular customer

Annmarie, 18 Feb 2020

Great food always

James, 18 Feb 2020


Darren, 17 Feb 2020

Got an automated phone call from a machine saying that my delivery was her and can I open the door so cool the car was parked outside! but They forgot my kinder bueno milkshake but fair pleigh to them I rang them and before I could say anything they said oh are you the milkshake person it is being delivered to you now..

Neamh, 16 Feb 2020

food is exlland

Christopher, 15 Feb 2020


Rebecca, 15 Feb 2020


Noname, 15 Feb 2020

I love the food and fast service

Mark, 14 Feb 2020

Amazing food quality

Jemma, 13 Feb 2020


Orlaith, 08 Feb 2020


Sean, 07 Feb 2020

Always amazing

Nicole, 03 Feb 2020

Honestly the best burgers in town by far

Shannen, 03 Feb 2020


Lauren, 01 Feb 2020

Excellent takeaway

Caldwell, 01 Feb 2020

Amazing choices

Kevin, 01 Feb 2020

Always great food, no fuss express delivery and pre-order always a great option

James, 30 Jan 2020

Best in town

Paul, 26 Jan 2020

Love the pasta and wouldn't usually get pasta from a takeaway

Aidan, 26 Jan 2020

Great as usual

Stacy, 26 Jan 2020

Best pizza in town

Susan, 25 Jan 2020

Lovely food

Maria, 25 Jan 2020

Romeos top quality fast food

Caldwell, 23 Jan 2020

Easy to order :)

Natasha, 23 Jan 2020